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What is Mubadirat?

Mubadirat is a media project that empowers existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs through inspiring content, models for success and resources for women looking to open a business or launch a project.

What Does Mubadirat Do?

Mubadirat profiles successful women entrepreneurs in North Africa working in various different industries from a wide variety of backgrounds. Through its online platform, Mubadirat targets women entrepreneurs in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, and Libya.

Why Mubadirat?

Even though many women are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, they are far less likely to take the leap and actually start their business. Mubadirat strives to create a world where women have equal opportunities as men when it comes to believing in their ideas, being confident in their capabilities, and having the tools to turn their ideas today into innovations tomorrow.

Mubadirat Profiles

Meet successful women entrepreneurs and hear their incredible stories below!


"I believe in Mes Confits. That's why I'm investing my body and soul it in, day and night. I spend evenings working and it doesn't bother me. If I don't sleep, it doesn't bother me. Because for me, it's a life project."

Oumezzine Dhouieb

Mes Confits

"It's not easy, but it's very, very rewarding. The Peri that I am today is not the same Peri that I was four years ago, or the same Peri that I was last year."

Peri Abou Zied


"Even if it's only 1% of the dream that you want, you are doing something that you love."

Farah El Ashiry


"Every woman has the potential to do what she wants. She just needs to have the willingness to do it, to keep going, to reach her goal, and to grow her project into existence. She can do this and nothing can stop her!"

Bouthaina Bouraoui

Hammasett Fanneya


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